EkadSoft HRMS




Human Resources Management System The human capital is one of the most important factors of successful organizations and entities. That is why EkadSoft has targeted to develop a comprehensive system that ensures effective management of human resources to maximize productivity and profitability, in addition to better performance of the organization as a whole.

Why EkadSoft Systems (Benefits)?

  1. One platform for your team to collaborate
    Why use a bundle of different applications, when you can use just one?
  2. Mobility and flexibility
    With cloud-based web and mobile apps, you can manage your business at work or home.
  3. Really easy user-friendly
    We do our best to get the application to be as easy-to-use as possible.
  4. Higher productivity
    Streamline and automate your core business processes to help everyone doing his work efficiently.
  5. Lower risk
    Maximize business visibility and control, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, and predict and prevent risk.
  6. Improved agility
    With efficient operations and ready access to real-time data, you can quickly identify and react to new opportunities.
  7. Meeting Customer Expectations
  8. Integrated information
    All customer, suppliers and financial data are hosted in one location
  9. Data Reliability
    Our systems provide reliable data that can be accessed from different locations and through multiple devices. With the ability to update in real time, which improves data accuracy and consistency. With this, users can ensure that all data and analytics are safe to use, without running the risk of errors.

ERP Modules:

  1. Accounting & Finance
  2. Inventory
  3. Fixed Assets
  4. Customers and sales
  5. Suppliers and purchasing
  6. Manufacturing