Human Resources

The human capital is one of the most important factors of successful organizations and entities. That is why EkadSoft has targeted to develop a comprehensive system that ensures effective management of human resources to maximize productivity and profitability, in addition to better performance of the organization as a whole.

    Human Resources Modules
  • Employee Management
  • Time and Attendance
  • Payroll
  • Recruitment Management
  • Custody Management

    Features of EKAD HR Management System
  • Modular web-based system
  • Easily configurable, adjustable and scalable system
  • English and Arabic user interface
  • Multiple communication channels: mobile phones, tablets, in addition to traditional computers
  • Seamless integration capabilities with third-party systems
  • Central data management
  • Data backups to avoid accidental loss of data
  • Manage user permissions while maintaining a full record of all operations and the channel used to perform each
  • Definition of the organizational structure outlining available departments and branches with employees in each
  • Transferring employees form one branch to another or from one department to another without losing recorded data
  • Full record of employee data
  • Electronic, secured employee records
  • Manager-employee definition to follow up attendance and evaluate performance
  • Pre-Definition of mandatory evaluation factors
  • Employee to-do list with notifications and priorities
  • Manual and automatic attendance transactions
  • Fixable attendance and work schedules: productivity , flexible shifts, basic shifts or working hours
  • Official Holidays, annual vacations, automatic balance calculation
  • Payroll and accruals preparation depending on attendance and applied deductions
  • Automatic paycheck issuance
  • Automatic paycheck transfer to bank in case of using bank transfers to pay salaries
  • Different versatile reports
  • Recruitment management: CV database, records of interviews and assessments, and vast search capabilities in the CV database
  • Notification and alert functionalities